New additions to the J. Crew sale

  1. Lots of new additions to the J. Crew sale, including cashmere closeouts from last season and replenished stock. I scored some boots for $100 that finally popped up in my size.

    Also "freeship" still works for free shipping! Enjoy!
  2. I am a little embarassed to admit that I set my alarm so I could get the good stuff this morning, then went back to bed! I got the grey flannel emma dress that I had been stalking, the chain-print merino dress, a v-neck sweater dress (wanted black, but they only had red in my size but it was only $50 so...), and a cute striped cashmere sweater with a horseshoe on it (which will look cute with my black knee boots!). They had some awesome cashmere deals. I am spending way too much at these sales! I used freeship as well. It works for any amount.
  3. How comfortable are J Crew shoes in general? Thanks for the post!
  4. In my experience they are pretty comfortable, and definitely true to size.
  5. Just an FYI

    Unlike Recent years J Crew is Being 100% firm on the 'Final Sale' items, and will not allow returns for any reason.
  6. I can't believe the print merino tees are on sale already! I thought they just arrived in the stores like 3 weeks ago! Anyhow, I have them both and they are super cute.
  7. I returned a final sale item that was damaged, fyi.
  8. Jenfrisky-

    Lucky You! Mine was just too big, and they wouldn't allow it.
  9. ^ Cecilia, I recently returned a final sale sweater that was too big on me w/o a receipt, saying it was a gift. I thought a gift card was better than being stuck with something I'd never wear. :smile:
  10. violinistgirl-

    Did you do that through a store? Did they give you a hard time?
  11. Careful instore. Another poster on another board got a bad time. They said it had to have a tag to look up who purchased it. They said they needed to make sure it wasn't a final sale item. This was after being told it was a gift.
    This final sale policy is terrible.
  12. No, the SA gave me no problems. I said it was a x-mas gift, that's it. The tags were attached, but I took off the bottom portion of the tag where they usually print the prices because it was blank, possibly indicating I ordered it online. (I think they usually don't print prices on the items coming from the web? Somebody might correct me on this.)
  13. Freshface5-

    They used to be very customer friendly, knowing the money would come right back in to the company, even after doing the return. I called customer service, and even asked for a manager. I offerred to take a credit, as opposed to a return to my CC. The first person I talked to said.."They've been saying No all day." The Manager I escalated to was what I call a 'Bumper Sticker Manager.' She just used standard canned phrases such as " Final Sale is how we offer such great prices.." etc.

    I'm very disappointed, as I have spent a significant amount of my clothing budget with them, and don't want to have to bend any rules or circumvent policy, just to return an item that doesn't fit me.


    I think you got lucky-I may talk to my local J Crew-I have a good relationship with them.
  14. Final sale is definitely risky, but the prices are good. I figure I buy the items knowing the policy, so I don't get mad at the company when they uphold what they told me before I bought the items. If they don't fit I sell them on eBay. It's a pain, but quite often I make a profit. I actually have a final sale dress I need to sell because it didn't look good on me.
  15. The store I went to offer additional 40% off sale items. The selection was pretty picked over though.