New Additions to the "Family"...

  1. Have finally arrived!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Rosabel Sandals and Zoe Lurex...

    and I added the Heather pumps in Chestnut and the legacy ponytail scarf to my bag....

    Thanks for looking :wtf:'s so much fun to share ...

    Rosabel Sandal and Zoe Lurex clutch.jpg legacy ponytail scarf and heather pumps.jpg
  2. EEP!!!

    I just ordered the Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf. Now I can't wait to get it! Perhaps you could model it for us? :yes:
  3. I WANT THAT SCARF! *dies* And I just spent $250 at the store today:wtf::shrugs:
  4. I would have modeled them but I have no one here to take a photo and I also don't own a full length mirror :weird:
  5. Whoohoo!! Everything is beautiful! :nuts:

    Have you had a chance to try out your zoe lurex yet? Mine was just shipped today but I am dying in anticipation for it!
  6. They are gorgeous!!! My scarf should be here on Friday can't wait!!! I love your sandals congrats!!
  7. I probably won't "break out" the Lurex until the weather is nicer or we having a wedding...special's just not big enough for everyday...and it's so nice I don't want to get it dirty :push:
  8. Great purchases!
  9. Everything is so cute ^_^
  10. Love all your new family members - especially the Zoe! :heart:
  11. Lovely choices. I especially like the Zoe - the color is really beautiful. Congrats!
  12. I want everything you added. Great haul!
  13. Adorable! That legacy scarf looks really good on your bag. I really like it.
  14. Love it,love it!! congratulations on your sandals, tdf!!!!!
  15. everything is very beautiful! congrats!!!!!