New additions to my family: Pistachio and Eggplant twiggies!

  1. I just got home from a great trip to NYC, and I thought I would post my new additions to my bbag family! I did go to the store in NY (my first time there) but did not make any purchases. I can't bring myself to like the new leather, no matter how hard I try. I got the pistachio a while back but was waiting for my eggplant to post pics. I am about to take pics of both...but I'll need someone to help me resize...please PM me if you wouldn't mind helping. Thanks!
  2. I've PMed you if you still need help :yes:
    btw.. CONGRATULATIONS on your newest babies!!!!! :love:
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics. Where were you able to snag a pistachio Twiggy????
  4. Here you go, fashion_junky.... OMG I am SOOOOO jealous with your beautiful b-babies!!!!!!! :love::love::love::love::heart::heart::heart:
    fashion_junky_01.jpg fashion_junky_02.jpg fashion_junky_03.jpg fashion_junky_04.jpg fashion_junky_05.jpg
  5. Congrats!!! Your bags are so pretty! Can you tell us the styles and colors?
  6. Wow! Thats quite a collection! The eggplant really makes it POP!
  7. Thanks so much hatikuh!!

    The last pic is a Gustto Baca bag I bought at Henri Bendel's in NY...I love it!! The leather is amazing...and I talked them into a 15% discount because there was a small mark on the bag :biggrin:
  8. I am absolutely drooling over that eggplant bbag! Purple is one of my favorite colors! congrats on your fab bags!
  9. Sure!

    Clockwise starting from eggplant:

    Eggplant twiggy
    Seafoam twiggy
    Pistachio twiggy
    Pistachio first
    Turquoise 04 city
    Calcaire coin purse
  10. Wow they are in super good condition!! Congrats!
  11. of course, so beautiful - enjoy fashion!!!!! :smile:
  12. lovely!!
  13. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Your bags are gorgeous, especially the eggplant - TDF!!! Congrats on a great collection!
  14. i love your new twiggies! great colors!! congrats!!
  15. Great Bbags! Congrats! I especially LOVE the pistachio!