New additions to my Coach collection!!

  1. I went to the Outlet mall in San Marcos, Texas a couple of weeks ago. I bought the cute red signature purse (ok is it a hobo, because I'm new and have no idea... all I know is I love it and had to have it :P ). I also got the matching wallet, and a checkbook wallet (just pictured the checkbook holder here... that's all that will fit in the purse :nuts: ). The second picture is of the pink minks that I am in lust over (bought online and in the retail store, which means... I spent way too much money on them :sweatdrop: ).
    IMG_0875.jpg IMG_0877.jpg
  2. I love the mink poms!
  3. Cute :biggrin: I love the poms, but not the price. I could never do that... knowing my luck, the dog would eat em.
  4. :roflmfao: My cats have shown too much interest in the mink poms as it is! I'm just going to have to be extra careful to not just leave them hanging around, otherwise, I know they'll be used as the newest cat toy. :wtf:
  5. I like the signature purse! Nice!
  6. Hehehe, they do look like those cat pom toys :biggrin:
  7. Beautiful! Love the red and the pom pom keychain.
  8. Everything is adorable!! Congrats!

  9. LOL -I used to have a cat that would attack my fur earmuffs and would often be seen dragging around one of my fur trimmed gloves around the house!

    Love the pom poms though - so cute! And the hobo is stunning - love the red! Enjoy them!