New Additions to Growing Collection....

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Well, I finally got a chance to play [SIZE=-1]paparazzi[/SIZE] with my new additions to my growing collection....:yahoo:

    A big thanks to jag and her wonderful SA Lisa for helping me score the GST in black caviar with silver hardware and the Timeless Clutch in white caviar....

    Along with a thank you to my local NM SA who helped me obtain the GST in black caviar with gold hardware and the Madison in red lambskin....:heart:

    I am lovin' the red Madison but the lambskin has me a bit on edge - not wanting to damage it.:sweatdrop:

    Thanks for peeking a look at my new babies!!:smile:
    IMG_5114c.JPG IMG_5118c.JPG IMG_5119c.JPG IMG_5122c.JPG
  2. WTG...they all are gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  3. Been doing a little shopping have we? Great loot! Love all of them, congrats!!
  4. Love your collection, especially the GST's!
  5. OMG! Love the madison! Stunning is all that comes to mind! A big congrats
  6. Loving the new additions. The red on the madison is just so lush!
  7. I love that lining!!!
  8. hahaha....yes, tpf has added the profits of many designers - in my case Chanel...I confess I am smitten.:rolleyes:
  9. They're all beautiful. Congrats! Really really love that red color.
  10. Very classy bags, congrats.
  11. Thank you so much ladies, all of you - for peeking in on my new children !!

    I wanted a Jumbo in red - but when I learned just how hard it is to come by them - and I just happened to walk into NM and there was this Madison - I knew then it was my fix for the Jumbo. The great lining color was a bonus.:yes:
  12. The madison is gorgeous!!
  13. Wow~~I love your collection!!!!Gorgeous!!!
  14. Every bag is the red. Enjoy them!!
  15. great collection. The red is pretty.