New additions (pics)!

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  1. My first FENDI for 09...


    Forever Woven Hobo

    Chef Ring Thong sandals
  2. Like the thongs! And yay another person who says thongs! I bought a prada pair like those, black patent and I wear them so much.

    What material is the bag woven from? Nice additions to sum it up!
  3. Thank you Kavnadoo. The bag is leather. What else would one call those kind of shoes? I always call them thongs. LOL!
  4. I love the shoes, and the heel is such a great size for every day!
  5. Cool bag -- do you know the name?
  6. congrats on the new additions!!
  7. beautiful goodies!
  8. very nice !!!
  9. Thanks Ladies! Here's some more eye candy for you. My newest addition with her sister Doctor B and the rest of my 08 purchases. I gotta do something while watching the Super Bowl. ;)


    My Maxi Shoulder Baguettes

    My Patent Baguette and Patent Perforated De Jour

    My Striped Totes (I'm not 100% sure on the official name of these the card called it Dr Pequin). Perfect for carrying my laptop and folders during the day.
  10. wow, fabulous bags!!
  11. Wow, you have some really unique bags. I haven't seen these before; I wouldn't know what to call them, either. I guess Fendi would call it a Doctor bag!
  12. Nice collection! :tup:
  13. Thanks. Litigatrix these are the bags I was hoping you knew the name of (from my pm). The Fendi card called them Doctor B Pequin. I got both bags from Bloomies. I've only seen this striped style there and on BlueFly. It also came in another style pictured below.
  14. What a great fendi collection! Ive never seen those totes either, really nice.
    Love your thongs too!

  15. No, sorry, I am not familiar with this one. Sometimes Fendi doesn't really give its bags specific names.