New Additions :) = New Deletions :(

  1. Since I bought a new bag, my lovely large black signature Carly, and some new charms (see pic! the heart is a locket!) I have to get rid of some of my other bags...
    My additions :love:

    My deletions being sent to eBay :s
  2. Congratulations!!! I Love my Carly and your Fob's are awesome!!! I love the dragonfly one. I got the heart, butterfly and flower key fob with the same pattern and color as the dragonfly. I have bought and sold many of my bags on eBay since December. You loved them and now they will go to another lucky person to love. It is a good trade off!!
  3. That's a fair trade ash, one comes in and two go out!;) Love the charms!
  4. I love your new additions!
  5. Good trade! I love the charms.

    I have been trying to sell the larger version of a tote similar to your second, but it has relisted SEVERAL times. I wish you better luck with your eBay sales!!!

    BTW- is that the medium Carly? Old or slim?
  6. It is the large 10620
  7. very cute carly and charms!! I like them all!!!!
  8. looks great
  9. That heart locket is so cute! Did you order from a Coach store and how much is it?
  10. I sell things all the time to buy more things too, lol. Usually clothes tho. I like the new additions better tho :shame: sorry.
  11. I love your additions ... especially the dragonfly ...I hope you deletions find new homes soon.
  12. Love your Carly and new fobs!!! I hope your auctions go well!!
  13. Imho the Carly is worth having to sell a couple others, it's beautiful! And that dragonfly is too cute!
  14. it's always sad to get rid of something...but its easier if you have something to replace it with
  15. I saw that heart locket yesterday at my outlet. I was debating to get it or not but decided not to get it. It's so cute though. Only $24 at the outlet, but just decided to save my money and get the lip gloss I've been wanting. what pic you planning to put in it? i love the dragonfly too! Congrats on your lovely purchases and good luck on your ebay sales!