new additions (merry christmas to me, hehe)

  1. 06 pale rose MU and 08 black shoulder. the pale rose leather is really really nice. someone returned it to NM so i got it for quite a discount since they couldn't find the price.

    pics of the black shoulder in front of my trusted tomato GSH city.

    merry christmas, y'all!
    DSC00515.JPG DSC00517.JPG DSC00520.JPG
  2. WOW today tpf is full of great x-mas gifts.:nuts: Congrats and merry x-mas. :yahoo:Your new additions are cute.:woohoo:
  3. wow - nice to get a steal at a dept store!! How lucky!

    I so have to get myself a make up clutch and coin purse!! I have bbags and no accessories. That has to change asap!
  4. Very cute :yahoo:
  5. Double congrats to you!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Both of your shoulder bags are gorgeous, and I love your tomato city!! :heart:
  6. Wow gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. Wow, Merry Christmas indeed! Congrats!
  8. Awesome new additions! The black shoulder looks lovely, as does the Pale Rose! And I'm completely in love with the Tomato SGH combo...gorgeous pics, congrats on everything!
  9. thank you all!
  10. lucky u. congrats+merry x' mas.
  11. so cute, congrats!
  12. Congrats and Merry X' Mas!!!
  13. merry christmas, lovely useful additions!!
  14. Merry Christmas :nuts:
    Loving the beautiful Pale Rose MU and Tomato City SGH :tender:
  15. Very pretty!! And awesome that you got such a good deal on the Pale Rose. Congrats!