New Additions At Coach

  1. If you get into the Coach Store, make sure you look at the Special Order Book on the Counter. There are some really, really nice bags coming out November 1st. I had to really hold back! A nice beaded Signature Tote for one :smile:
  2. Ooooo, can't wait to see! Thanks for sharing
  3. I'll be at the store this Saturday. If I gather up enough courage, I'd go ask.
  4. Thanks for the head's up! And noshoepolish - we must live near each other because both KoP and the Ardmore store you've mentioned in some other posts are near me! At some point, maybe we'll have to have our very own tpf meet-up (wow, that could be disastrous for my wallet!). Just thought it was cool that we go to the same stores!
  5. Ohhh!! i wonder if they're going to have more gallery totes. I LOVE them!
  6. Bad news for the wallet!!
  7. Tell us more! Were they a continuation of the Legacy collection, signature items or totally new things? I was going to a boutique tomorrow, but it is a distance away and I don't want to jump the gun if they will have better things available in a few weeks!
  8. Are they introducing the jewelry November 1st as well? I might have to go the first weekend in November to the Coach store to check everything out in person.....Woohoo & I'm selling some NWT bags on ebay that I don't use so I should be able to get me something from the new line.:yahoo:
  9. I was looking at the bags and totes, looking for anything that was interesting. There is a new white bag coming out, can't recall the rest but new totes too! Just look at the book on the counter. I think they are from the other lines, not Legacy.