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  1. Hey everyone! I'm forever on the search for the perfect Bal bag....still searching for the perfect leather. I just got my 2008 Black Brief w/ GSH. I fell in love instantly, and then the more and more I looked at it, the leather seemed, faded and dry yet again! Maybe I'm just crazy, or maybe something in my house is drying to the bbags...I'm not sure, it seemed fine when I first got it. I dunno...maybe I'm just worrying over nothing.

    Sorry to be a pain, I'm just wondering what you think of the leather on this bag.

    I LOVE the look of Bbags, then I get one and am repeatedly disappointed in the dry/faded look of the leather. Maybe it's just not my style, but then again, I see all of you with your gorgeous, glossy bags, and I just want mine to look like that! This one was listed as NWT as well....hmm..

    I dunno...maybe I'm just too picky:P

    Also, it was listed as "Black." Is it possible it's Anthra or Charcoal or something a little lighter, and that's why it isn't as glossy and saturated as the other black bags?





  2. :nuts: Oh my goodness, I LOVE your new bag!!!!

    However, most important is that YOU love it.

    If you don't like it, return it and wait for one that makes you gasp as much as I gasped when I saw yours. My preference is for really distressed, veiny leather like yours, so I'd be mad for it, but if you are not excited by it or feel doubtful, then take it back - no point holding on to something that doesn't excite you.

    Hope that helps!
  3. I think it is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint:

    But agree with SkyBlueDay - - it must make your handbag:heart:sing!
  4. Thank you so much! That makes me feel much better. Thanks for your response.
  5. Aww...thank you so much! I appreciate it!
  6. #6 Sep 22, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2010
    You are most welcome, LAltiero85.

    What about looking for a 2010 Black in another style (because that gorgeous brief style of yours is no longer manufactured)?

    You'd also possible be looking at Rose or Silver Giant Hardware, as I think Gold Giant Hardware is available in some styles with the Black (Giant Gold hardware also available with Pivoine - peony - a Sorbet pink sort of colour).

    Many people, including myself, have noticed how gorgeous the black of 2010 has been - veiny, but it seems much softer and more luscious, and the black is really BLACK, so that may be another option for you leather-wise. Have a look at the Cultstatus website in their Blog section, dated 26 June and titled "One Customer's Story" It shows you an example of the 2010 black leather I currently have, and have seen on other Bbags: could this be what you are looking for?
  7. Oh that's gorgeous leather. Unfortunately I can't return it because it was purchased on ebay.....I do love it, but I do wish the color was more saturated.

    It's funny because the color is so one light it looks jet black, and in natural light, it looks charcoal, not really black. I looked online, and the brand new Giant Citys have the exact same leather (or so it seems in their pictures). So I supposed this is how the leather is supposed to look. Maybe I'm just worrying over!

    Thank you so much for the link though! That's definitely a gorgeous bag!
    And yes, that's more the leather I'm looking for.
  8. It's gorgeous!!! I'd keep her!! Congrats!!!
  9. Thank you!!!
  10. SO SORRY i am confused, is that a BLACK one or anthra? The GSH or RGGH or GGH? THE BAG IS SO BEAUTIFU!!
  11. See that's one of the things I'm confused! It was listed as black on ebay, but I'm thinking it's Anthra, and maybe that's why it looks so faded to me. I know it's weird, but if I were to find out it was Anthra, I'd be okay with it, but when I think it's supposed to be more a saturated black, then it bothers me--does that make sense? LOL! I'm nuts...haha.:P And it's GSH...the lighting almost makes it look GGH, but it's!
  12. I think the bag looks gorgeous :smile:
  13. Thank you so much! :biggrin:
  14. I like the way your leather looks, it looks very shiny in the pics you posted. But what's most important is that YOU like the way the leather looks. If you don't 100% love the bag return it if possible or sell it if you can't return it. IMO Bbags cost way too much to settle for something you only kind of like. If I'm going to spend that much money on something I want it's going be everything I want or it's going back. If I don't love it off the bat chances are I'll keep noticing whatever it is I don't like about it and regret it. IMO it looks more like Anthra than Black. But maybe it looks more like Anthra than Black because it's so veiny.
  15. This one is so nice, keep it.
    I love them that way.