New addition

  1. Just received my new (pre-owned) Plaid zip demi bag.
    I love love love the Coach plaid stuff and I've been hunting them down on eBay for a while, I finally found this bag & mini skinny for only $33. How could I not love her?
    100_2199.jpg 100_2200.jpg 100_2196.jpg 100_2198.jpg 100_2201.jpg
  2. I also found that while my 80gb ipod will not fit inside the mini skinny, my red razor will!
    100_2217.jpg 100_2219.jpg
  3. Very cool! I love plaid- red especially! great finds!
  4. Totally cute! Plaid is very classic. Nice set!
  5. Great deal!! You must be giggling with glee :yahoo:
  6. I love the red plaid! Great deal!
  7. Great deal. Congrats!
  8. Cute set. Congrats
  9. Wow! I've never seen the plaid before. It's beautiful!
  10. That mini skinny is TDF!! Great find!
  11. Thanks everyone.
    I really love this purse I've been using it since it arrived.