new addition to the family...07 natural city

  1. :nuts: i just got a natural City and i love it. the leather is so perfect..soft and smooshy. i have also included some pics of my bbags, except for my black City which is being borrowed. as you can all see, i am a very neutral color kinda gal...not too many colors. hope you ladies enjoy and thanks for looking:flowers:

    oh..and i will try to get around to attaching those beautiful braid/charm combos that Deana made, so i can get a few shots of them.
    Library - 74.jpg Library - 76.jpg Library - 79.jpg Library - 85.jpg Library - 86.jpg
  2. congrats pooh!!! i love the blues in your collection!!! esp the money... gorgeous!!!! and the natural... it's a good neutral color to coordinate wtih your collection!
  3. Congrats :yahoo: :yahoo: it's beautiful!
  4. Congrats, nice collection! I'm a neutral gal too :smile: Can't wait to see the charms!
  5. Congratulations:yahoo: :yahoo:

    Beautiful neutral. It's so great seeing some of the 07 bags!
  6. Wow! Luvly...congrats ya!!
  7. :yahoo: Beautiful Natural City!!
    The '07 leather is looking good!!
    You have a great collection, congratulations :heart:
  8. Congrats, I love it. It looks great, and the color is just fantastic.
  9. I'm a neutral gal, too! I like to be able to wear all my bags a lot. CONGRATS!!
  10. Congrats!!! You have a beautiful collection. :yes:
  11. Beautiful family !
  12. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
    What a gorgeous collection! :love:
  13. That natural city is amazing! You have a beautiful collection.
  14. Lovely:love: I am absolutely loving this color. Congratulations.
  15. Congrats.... :smile: