New addition to my Hermes family - the best "seven year itch" present!

  1. Today's my 7th wedding anniversary and DH got me my new H family addition! :yahoo: Introducing Miss Kelly Ebene, 32cm box calf sellier w/PH:


    Updated family pic of H leather goods:


    Like many on the H forum, I caught the bug and got my first birkin (Miss Rouge Vif) in 2004 and said to my DH that this would be my one and only H bag. Yeah right! Next thing I know, here comes Miss BJ Birkin in 05 and the orange chevre bearn bought in Paris at FSH last year. Once you've caught the H bug, you just can't stop! Here's also a pic I haven't shared with the forum, with Robert Chavez at the H store grand re-opening in Tysons, VA last year.

  2. wowie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it, she is beautiful and you have a great choice there! congrats!
  3. Ohhhh, wow!! How totally gorgeous!!! Congratulations on your Kelly and your anniversary. Your DH is a keeper, for sure!!!
  4. Gorgeous bag.... Congratulations!!! on your anniversary AND your bag... love your collection. Your DH is so sweet:smile:
  5. Congrats! I love the "family" portrait and Ebene is such a versatile color
  6. nice nice nice. congratulations and enjoy!

    Lucky 7! May you have many more years of bliss.
  7. Congrats! Your DH is so sweet!
  8. What a gorgeous H bag family you have! Congrats on your new addition. I love the Eben Box! OMG she is so GORGEOUS!

    LOL with the story of telling DH on your first H purchase. I think I totally can relate on that.

    Sellier box kelly is so gorgeous!
  9. CONGRATS on 7 yrs & on ur new kelly! what a beauty! gorgeous collection too! u have one of my dream bags....rouge vif!! wowzas!
  10. And Congrats on your 7th year of wedding anniversary! You got a sweet DH!
  11. What a stunning Kelly:heart:, and a lovely memory for your anniversary. The Ebene just glistens in boxcalf. Your collection is really beautiful --- Congratulations on your lovely new piece.
  12. Another speechless post! TDF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Love your collections!
  14. congratulations on your anniversary. Nice gift, you have a lovely collection.
  15. cindy - congrats on your 7th yr anni! it's our 7th yr anniv too this past weekend but unlike you, i have yet to see my anniv. pressie!

    congrats on the gorgeous kelly!