New addition to my collection! New bags!

  1. It's been a while since I bought a new Chanel bag, so I went out and bought three in the past 2-3 months (DEFINITELY NOT buying any more Chanel bags for a LONG time...especially with this whole price increase thing going on...)!!! Here are two (I'll post pics of the third one - Timeless Classic Clutch - later)...

    The first bag is a Camera / Messenger bag. I bought it about a month ago. It's so nice!!! I've been wanting a small messenger bag for a while now and stumbled upon this one in a store. I LOVE it!!!

    Enjoy the pics!
    Camera Bag 1.1.JPG Camera Bag 2.1.JPG Camera Bag 3.1.JPG Camera Bag 4.1.JPG Camera Bag 5.1.JPG
  2. ...more pics...
    Camera Bag 6.1.JPG Camera Bag 10.1.JPG Camera Bag 7.1.JPG Camera Bag Modeling 1.jpg Camera Bag Modeling 2.jpg
  3. ...and more pics...
    Camera Bag Modeling 3.1.JPG Camera Bag Modeling 11.1.JPG
  4. Ahhh that is SOOO cute!! I loveee it on you.

    Cant wait to see the other two!
  5. Congrats. Cute bag. It looks great on you.
  6. I am not sure what this bag is called. I bought it at a consignment store about 2 months ago. I think it might be vintage or close to it. If someone can help me with this info, I would really appreciate it!! It's made of caviar leather and has matte gold hardware (don't remember when Chanel made bags with matte hardware).
    Beige Bag 1.1.JPG Beige Bag 2.1.JPG Beige Bag 3.1.JPG Beige Bag 4.1.JPG
  7. Jen, thank you very much!! :yes:
  8. Thank you!
  9. ooh this one is sooo cute! i honestly love it

  10. I absolutely love that little messenger bag, what is the price if you don't mind me asking??
  11. Thank you! I PM'd you with info! I don't wish to post the prices of my bags here b/c I don't want my bf to see (who knows, maybe he decides to look?...LOL).
  12. I love the camera bag. I didn't know this particular bag existed, or I would have had it by now. It would have been perfect to take on vacation.

  13. The messenger bag is absolutely adorable!
  14. I have a story about this Messenger Bag. When I was buying it, the SA gave me two same receipts at the end. I asked her why I have two and she said, "The second one is for your mom, so she knows how much to pay for you...". I replied, "Thank you, but I pay for everything myself" and walked out. As I was walking out, I heard her say, "It's good that you pay for yourself". Huh??? I was SHOCKED!!!! How rude of her... I don't live with my parents anymore and pay for all my purchases (as well as all the bills) myself! :cursing:
  15. Here's more info on the Messenger Bag (I received a couple of PMs about it already)...

    I bought it at Woodbury Commons about 3 weeks - 1 month ago. They still had at least two bags left then (one in black and one in beige).
    Camera Bag 8.1.JPG Camera Bag 9.1.JPG