New addition to my Burberry mini collection


Nov 30, 2012
State of Aloha
I've been saving up for a new crossbody bag and I was planning to buy the LV Eva clutch in Azur, since I was so impressed about the durability and very functional bag. I've been searching some other brands as well and since I already saved up for my new purse to be I was out and about today running some errands and plan to go lo LV store and get that LV DE azur...I was at Bellevue Mall (Seattle) I was walking around and stop by at Burberry store just browsing around and I saw this crossbody bag and the lady said that is the last one unfortunetley and I reply It's ok...and she mentioned that it comes with different colors brown, white and red..which is the display is white. I remmember that Nordstrom carry Burberry which is next door and I went to Nordstrom and walk straight to Burberry and I asked the SA if they carry this particular bag and he reply yes he went to the back and he came back with the red and brown..I tried it on and I was so confused what to do but I was looking at the size and the style and I know that it is my style and I'm very happy that I took her home with me:smile: I'm glad that I browse before anything else since It's much affordable and I love that I can adjust the shoulder strap.Thank you for letting me share and have a good day to all of you.



Jul 17, 2012
Congrats! Very nice!! And I have the same bb jelly cream too!!

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