New Addition... Pelham!!!!

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  1. some of you may know the journey i have been on for a pelham.
    i've been eyeing this bag for longer than i should say but i'm was graduate student and couldn't afford it (with books and stetoscopes and random school fees... oh and no job, right) but i am graduating in december and thought i deserved to treat myself.

    this beauty was purchased from ****BUYING AND SELLING ON THE PF IS PROHIBITED!!!!***** and if you guys ever have the delight of buying one of her babies, let me just tell you it was pristine condition ****************, did you even wear her she is just perfect and the note was to:huh::huh::huh: sweet, thank you!). and the pictures do it no justice.

    i thought i would wear her right away but i think it should rest for a little. :yahoo:
    thank you ************* you are the bestest!

    omGoodness, so pretty!!! :heart:

    my small and humble gucci family. :shame::love:

    :heart:[B*******************:heart: <-- [/B]thank you

  2. Gorgeous! Congrats on finally getting the pelham! Mssmelanie is a sweetheart!
  3. ^ thank you emald. she really is a sweetie.
  4. Congratulations!! it looks great on you. Patience and determination does pay off, im happy for you :tup:
  5. CONGRATS! The bag works great in any occasions... and any rooms, including in your sparking clean bathroom :lol:

    Very pretty! Make me want one too...
  6. And it looks great on you, good size, not too big or too small. Is this a medium?
  7. congrats on your new bag and almost graduating! yay! :smartass:
  8. beejerry, it's the smaller size one. i searched the forum for pelham pics and************had two pics next to each other.. one of the larger one and one of the smaller and i thought the smaller would suit me better. and yes my bathroom. hahahha~~ :p

    peachxfuzz thank you so much. it's been a rough time in graduate school. GRrRR!! now i just have to pass boards. :sad: but that can be another excuse to buy another bag?? hahah no no i'll be good. heheee
  9. I like the small one!!!!
  10. Congratulations!
  11. very!! congrats! it's the perfect size!
    this is one of my favourite bags too! I want the pelham too, but somehow I end up buying something else and keep it plan B. maybe it's because I want the guccissima version and 1695€ is bit much for me right now ...
  12. I think it's a well known fact that mssmelanie is a sweetheart. :smile: In fact there are a lot of lovely people who have posted on this page. :yes: There are so many bags I want to, but $$ is always the issue so I totally understand leslie.. :push:

    Congrats shorty! It looks great on you. Just as your small horsebit looks good on you too. I remember that photo from another thread, it was H-O-T... Sexy mama you... :devil:

    Glad you finally got your Pelham. Congrats again! :yahoo:
  13. The Pelham looks great on you....congrats!! :yahoo:
  14. Congrats, the pelham is such a gorgeous bag! Enjoy using it.
  15. That bag is perfect for you!!! You look great with it!! Congrats..I agree w/ the other posters..I like the small one better...Great choice for you!!