New addition on its way!! But what did I buy???

  1. I am sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    But I'm having a hard time identifying what colour reissue this is...LOL... :shame: Is this gold? Rose gold/copper? Or dark silver maybe? What do you ladies think???

    TIA!!!!! :flowers:

  2. Gooorgeous!Congrats!looks like the drk silver to me!:idea:
  3. Thanks chanelspell! ;)

    I'm surprised to hear that it looks like dark silver! I really thought it was gold...? :confused1:
  4. lovely sharbear! i love the darksilver. is that in the 226?
  5. Thanks absolutanne! It's actually the 225 I believe...I prefer smaller bags... :yes:
  6. love it!!!
  7. Oh, that is gorgeous, congrats!! :yahoo:
    When do you expect it will arrive at your house?
  8. Nice bag, makes me want to get a reissue too!
  9. Thanks pinkcrazy and xegbl!

    Beautylicious - I'm not sure when it will get here...LOL...I had the bag sent to a friend's place to avoid customs, so I'll have to wait until they come visit Toronto. Should I take more pics then to verify the colour?
  10. Well, I hope they will come visit you very soon! :graucho:
    Looks like dark silver to me too.
    Maybe this thread by Rica will help you define the color? Look at post #17, there are pictures from Mon:
  11. ^ I hope they come soon too! Thanks for the link Nathalie...looking at the pics, it's starting to look like dark silver to me too. The colour names are so confusing sometimes...I thought for sure it was just gold...LOL!
  12. Congrats Sharbear. It looks like Dark Silver to me too.
  13. Rose Gold... I'll attach the ad of Rose Gold Reissue... Can you please tell me how much you bought and where? Thanks!!

    I forgot to mention congrats and your bag looks beautiful!!!
  14. congrats, absolutely beautiful!!!!!:tup:
  15. Congrats Again!!! It does look like the RoseGold after looking at the pic that iqaganda posted. No matter the color, it is still a beauty.