New addition :) - Let's play a game!

  1. Ok, just got this today, guess what it is... :wlae:
  2. a Suhali PTI wallet!
  3. 1)Congrats on whatever it is :yahoo:
    2) hint me :wtf:
  4. I wish it was a suhali PTI wallet, hehehe
    Think smaller

    Uhmm, clue: it's just released (I think) and CUTE!! Hahaha
  5. Ooh, I hate the suspense... do tell please!! :nuts::wlae:
  6. Okay, it's an item that comes in the brown-red dustbag (I'm not good with colours!)
  7. the new inclusion haircubes!!!!!

    MissL were you at the Collins St boutique around noon today?
  8. Naw, I was at Crown at 4pm, I was rushing from class and skipped a tute just to get this cause I couldn't wait :P
  9. it is empty :P

    an agenda:wlae:
  10. :nuts: WHAT IS IT????Huh !huh! Is deluxeduck right?:graucho:
  11. Hahah, nah it's not empty and deluxeduck isn't right unfortunately unless he wants to buy me a suhali pti wallet :graucho:

    Think smaller
  12. oh, there was this very beautiful girl shopping in the boutique this morning and i thought it was you ;)
  13. sure.... would you like a macthing Suhali bag for the wallet too?

    is it a Teddybear brooch????
  14. something inclusion?
  15. No, it's not a Teddy Bear brooch

    Uhmm, this item, comes/came in several colours but they are almost discontinued, this is the new one
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