New active member - need BV help!


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Mar 24, 2007
deep in the heart of Texas
hi everyone! i am new to posting on PF and really excited about it.
I love Bottega Veneta - so much that i named my maltese after BV. his nickname is "Bo" :biggrin:

I own 3 pairs of BV shoes, absolutely love Bottega and find them to the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own (more comfortable that Louboutins, Blahniks, Choo's...). The highest quality ever.

My problem is that i have not found a BV purse that i am in love with! I want to love one so badly........but just have not found the classic perfect shape and size. Any suggestions out there? this is my type of style i'm looking for in BV:

- timeless, classic (well BV will always be classic!)
- solid color
- medium sized, no totes (i have so many of them!), preferably satchel or shoulder bag. Anything that i can take with me to a board meeting or on a casual trip to the mall.

your help and pics would be really appreciated!!thanks!
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May 20, 2008
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please take a look at the action, style and reference threads that might help you.

the most classic of all bv bags though of course is the veneta.
Apr 15, 2007
so many to choose from.. the montaigne is nice.. just take a look at what

appeals to you..many BV lovers will chime in with thoughts..


Sep 18, 2007
Hi and welcome to BV! I would say the Veneta or Montaigne. Are you a hand carry or shoulder girl???

I am in San Antonio and from Houston and still go there regularly. A big welcome to Texas!!! There is a boutique in the Galleria that is nice, small, but nice. Also, the NM carries a good selection of bags. I am so happy to have a BV lover in my state!!!


Dec 11, 2009
Hello and welcome to the magic world of BV.
I'd suggest the Veneta, perfect shape, classic and timeless, and you can choose the size that's most suitable to your needs, but I second kroquet's question:are you a hand carry or shoulder girl?
The Campana is also nice, and I adore the Cocker but perhaps it isn't as practical. Anyway, take a look at the style reference section and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for :smile:


Aug 26, 2006
North Carolina

It sounds like you are very familiar with BV, but haven't found a bag you really love. Does the woven leather not appeal to you? Do you prefer smooth leather? Is a hobo too casual? Because the Veneta is hands-down the most comfortable bag ever, IMO. Lots of good choices for arm-carry bags that were already mentioned above.

Good luck! I know there is a BV bag out there calling your name.;)


Oct 21, 2007
Vancouver, BC
To go from the boardroom to the mall, I would suggest looking at the Montaigne - the perfect BV satchel IMHO. The Roma is slightly bigger and also would fit the bill if the Montaigne is too small for your needs - although I would definitely not go by only the outer dimensions of the Montaigne because it is fits much more than it looks like it would!

All of the BV hobos like the Veneta, Sloane, Campana, Pyramid are wonderful if you prefer a hobo style.

All of these "icon" bags have their own threads in the BV reference library so probably the best thing to do is spend a bit of time looking at them.

I have my bets on the Montaigne, though....


addicted to vacation
Mar 24, 2007
deep in the heart of Texas
okay you all are so awesome and i am about to start looking up all the bags you mentioned. believe it or not all i had to do was click through pages of your own bags and got inspired!

i know there is a BV out there for me, thank you for the warm welcome!