New Acquisitions!

Jan 10, 2006
Ok, so I decided that I wanted a white bag for summer--but didn't want something that was stark white. And I didn't want to spend $1k on a bag that's going to get dirty... Saw a girl at the mall with this bag and I knew I'd found the spring bag for me! I don't think it looks "that" great in the photos, but I like the bag. It'll be great for throwing everything in!


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I also picked up this John Hardy ring. The stone is a green amethyst, also called Prasiolite. It's a beautiful sage green. I LOVE this ring!


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moe said:
that looks very very pratical right amount of white! good job girl
ohhhhhhhhhh i love big rings and green is one of my fav. colors!!

Thanks! I figured spending tons of money on a white bag was kinda dumb, even if I'm careful. And I don't have a signature Coach bag, so I'm not "tired" of the look. Plus I'm hoping this isn't a popular style that winds up on everyone's shoulder.
OOOOOOOO Pretty ring!

I like the shape of that handbag, it seems like it'd be really comfortable to carry. I don't get the thingie in the middle... do you have to unbuckle it or is it a magnetic snap?
Bag - Really cute shape, like you say, looks perfect for shopping. I can picture someone wearing a long white gypsy skirt swinging this bag about in a field on a summers say! *imagination running wild*

Ring - Beautiful!!