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  1. Ok, before I get a bunch of flack for buying new purses--my disclaimer is that I did cut things down and took back some of the things I purchased recently b/c I realized I wasn't in LOVE with them. So I actually am doing a good job of not spending too much.

    So I picked up this orange Coach hobo at the Coach outlet--$140 from $298. Great deal and I think it'll be perfect for traveling and getting beat up without breaking the bank!

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  2. And I've been looking for a great spring bag--had lots of problems. I'm still waiting to see a Fendi B.bag in the medium-size in tan/black patent leather. But I have no idea when they're coming in. So I think this might be a good substitute or at least something I can contemplate in the meantime. I have a feeling it's a keeper though. I didn't take out all the stuffing, but it's so cute when it's slouchy! And the color is beautiful! Just the right creamy cream/white.

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  3. I love the color and the texture of the MJ bag! Is it a new design? And it slouches, too! Too adorable!
  4. Thanks! It's just called the "hobo." It is new for spring. I like the detail of the gold hardware and I'm glad it doesn't have his signature pockets--time for a new look.
  5. which mj bag is that? its cute!
  6. Wow, I love that ivory bag!
  7. I wonder if MJ will be rolling around moaning in pain thinking of his gorgeous bag as a substitute! I would love to see your entire handbag collection, Wicked! :biggrin:
  8. Wicked's stuff is in the should look!

    I love the MJ, it's a nice color. What's the inside like? Also, the orange coach is a great deal!
  9. I like the MJ's. I never seen one like that. Nice bags Wicked! Congrats for your new purchases!:biggrin:
  10. I love the color of your coach bag!!!
  11. Yeah, but it's 6 days old! Surely by now, there should be about a hundred new ones! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    I love your bags, Wicked! Just teasing! I absolutely adore that MJ.
  12. Wow, the MJ is magnificent! Great spring/summer color for the coach too!
  13. Both are great! I love the color of the Coach and the shape of the MJ.
  14. Love the color of the coach! So happy! and the MJ is gorgeous. I have the stam in that color! gorgeeee!
  15. I love both of your new bags! Both are bags I would buy myself. I was trying that very MJ hobo last week at Nordstrom but resisted the temptation--now I'm tempted all over again, especially when I hear it becomes slouchy without the tissue. Great purchases!