New Acquisitions - NOT bags!

  1. I've been in a purse funk--trying to search for THE bag for me. I've been unsuccessful--just trying different things and not quite in love with anything! I gave up the search--decided the bag for me will find me :P

    So I've indulged my other passion/weakness--jewelry! :love: I got this David Yurman silver and gold ring with turquoise--I LOVE how it looks. It's just so clean and fresh!

    And I checked out Tiffany & Co's new collaboration artist, Frank Gehry. He's actually an architect, so I was curious to see what he designed. I got this great ring from his "fish" line. Each little "fish" on the ring actually moves slightly. It doesn't look so great in the photo of my hand--but it's absolutely beautiful!
    DSCN0798.JPG DSCN0801.JPG DSCN0803.JPG
  2. oooh i wanna see how it moves.. i might just stop by tiffany's..
  3. I know what you mean. I'm just not in love with any bags right now. Hmmnnn..... jewelry. They're beautiful wicked!!! Enjoy!
  4. The fish kinda "bob" up and down... It's not a constant movement, but there's some movement. There's a relatively thin band that goes through the middle of the fish that create the ring. I know that the collection debuted at the Beverly Hills Tiffany & Co--I don't know if it's available at any other Tiffany stores. I know it's in San Diego--that's where I got mine. I was told that it'll debut in ALL stores by the fall. So you might want to call your local store first before you make the trip.
  5. i've gotta stop by tiffany's too.....i was checking out some of his collection online and it's TDF.....beautiful ring :P
  6. I love your new rings! The Yurman is beautiful and looks so good on your hand! I like the fish ring too! It's very unique! Congrats!
  7. I :love: :love: the "fish" ring, I'm really into silver jewelry aswell, especially when Summer comes. I must find out if they have that at my local Tiffany's...;)
  8. Oooh - very pretty! :love:
  9. Very pretty!!! Love the turquoise ring especially!!!
  10. I love your Tiffany ring. Congrats on your new purchase. Its so refreshing to buy something other than purses for a change. Purse decisions drive me nuts sometimes :nuts:
  11. Thanks! EXACTLY--I was going nuts trying to decide between the Passy, the Reissue, the Luxury Line, MJ, etc., etc. :blink: I needed a break--I was just going in circles and confusing myself :cool:
  12. Beauties!
  13. I love that ring :love: !!! I will have to check it out at my local Tiffany's.
  14. That's a very nice fish ring - very original!
  15. since my mum gave me my first bracelet, i started collecting tiffany now i have only a few pieces, but my collection is costantly growing!!!love your new ring, fishes are just a brillant idea!!