New acquisitions - Gigi tote & Chelsea PW satchel

  1. The two latest girls to join my (unnecessarily :wtf:) large collection. Gigi in whiskey (flower added by me) and Chelsea patchwork satchel (she's waiting for her brass keyfob, which will function as a charm :smile:). Not a great pic of Chelsea, the metallic doesn't like the flash.
  2. Love both your bags!
  3. ooh so pretty...i recently saw the patchwork IRL and it was gorgeous....congrats
  4. i love them both!!!
  5. Ooo... I think I like the GiGi in that color!!:graucho:
  6. I LOVE your Chelsea patchwork. I'm not a patchwork lover but this bag caught my eye the first day it appeared on the website. Enjoy her!
  7. Very nice! Thanks for sharing. :yes:
  8. Very Nice , I like the little flower
  9. The Gigi looks great with the charm! Great satchel!
  10. Beautiful bags!! Congratulations!!
  11. omg, you got the chelsea patchwork! it's gorgeous! congrats on both your new bags!
  12. oooooh, very very nice!!! congrats!
  13. Congrats! :smile:
  14. Absolutely beautiful additions!!!! ENJOY!!!!!
  15. Lovely -- congrats!