new acquisition

  1. Ok, so I've been trying and trying and TRYING to behave myself and save money for a killer croc bag to match the shoes that I bought in NY earlier this year.

    I've been thinning my herd, parting with some of the bags that I felt had run their course as a way of justifying the upcoming expense of croc, and was doing so, So, SO well until...

    Well, I had my rigide Kelly 32 sent in for it's annual buff-n-shine, and it's only been a month, but man, I'm sooooo missing that bag! It seems that the more I clean out the old closet, the more I'm missing my Kelly 32 :sad:

    So can you blame me for snapping up this Kelly ???? :yahoo:

    It's a shooting star bag but that's not why I bought it. I've always wanted a 32 with silver hardware - this one has brushed silver and red lining which is pretty cool too!

    Back to the drawing board....sheesh! I'm hopelessly addicted
  2. Congratulations Lisa!! I was wondering if a lucky TPFer snapped up this rare beauty! It is such a gorgeous bag--I'd been eyeing it now for a couple days. It is really a perfect bag--a classic 32cm Black Kelly with brushed palladium hardware AND red lining with the craftsman's shooting star on it---an Hermes collector's dream!
  3. Congrats, Lisa! That sure is an interesting bag. Love the red lining as well!

    And oooh, this is the first time I'm seeing your croc heels. FABULOUS!!!
  4. That's a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  5. :drool: Congrats, what a beauty she is!...and your croc shoes are TDF.:drool:
  6. CONGRATS!!!!:wtf: on your new bag!!! I can totally understand what ur going through!!! I tell myself not to buy and save up for an H Bearn Wallet and other H stuff, but then I get impatient and buy other stuff, so back to the drawing board again for me too!!!:graucho::shame::angel:
  7. Wow, Congratulations! :yahoo: So glad this lovely bag went to a deserving PFer! Enjoy~btw, those croc shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!
  8. Love that bag...I looked at it too...Congratulations and Enjoy!!
  9. wow.. that new Kelly is so pretty.. love it...
  10. Beautiful bag !!!! Great choice. Are you into cadenas at all? I would have to have the shooting star cadena if I owned this special bag.
  11. Congrats on that gorgeous Kelly!
  12. Truly an amazing bag. It's so unusual and the details (brushed hardware, contrast lining) make it so much more desirable than a "run of the mill" Kelly. The shooting star too. Congratulations. It's worth it IMO to wait a few more years for the croc bag in exchange for this stunner.
  13. I wish they would use this stamp on a regular basis. The shooting star is so pretty.
  14. congratulations :smile:
  15. That is really a lovely casual Kelly. The icing on the cake is the red lining. It is like a secret surprise inside that only you know about! You made a great choice IMO.