New Acquisition-Blondie-Not sure what year is it

  1. :wlae: blondie.jpg
  2. Congrats!! I LOVE the blondie hardware!!!
  3. love it whatever year it is...I think 2002 or 2003
  4. got on ebay germany. brand new. protective gucci film still on all hardware. seller claims she owns a boutique and no one would buy it getting dusty for so long. I'm not saying germans have bad taste or am I? he,he
  5. i have the same purse in white. i purchased it at Saks in 2004 for $995.


  6. That purse is TDF!:love: :girlsigh:
  7. oh, congrats! could you please post pics of the interior so we can all drool?!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE blondies!!!!!
  8. yes I did try to sell it because after I bought it I figure out I couldn't afford it but since it was not sold I decided to keep it.
  9. congrats on your purchase sweetie, but does anyone know if pink lining on gucci blondie bags is legit (?) :shrugs:...i only ask because i've never seen or heard of an authentic one like that...i almost bought this exact bag a few months ago & a TPF friend of mine warned me against it :girlsigh:
  10. Heeeeeeeelp!! anyone?
    I'm confused now..aallabama has been very helpful since she found out about the pink lining, I was telling her that the bag is simply gorgeous, amazing. I'm stunned, I can't believe it could be fake, that's amazing!
  11. Hm, there's always the serial numbers for verification. the pink lining is questionable as i always though the interior was the same color as the all-leather exterior (i don't know about the webbed ones though) in suede. for instance, your black purse s/b lined in black suede i think. i just won this off ebay and the interior is lined in suede in the same color as the leather:
    orange bl.jpg orange bl2.jpg
  12. Questionable?: The Logo Is "cut Out" (double Gg) Is That Possible?
  13. yeah, the metal logo on the flap is cut-out so it's like a hole-it's like that on these style purses.