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  1. So I went to the doctor, not the dermatologist, couldn't get in for months, and she gave me three things...Doxycycline, Oscion Wash and Differin Gel.

    Please give me your thought. Thus far they've all been doing an awesome job. I wash my face with regular anti-bacterial soap and use the Oscion in the mornings then at night I wash with the soap and smear on a lil Differin and take a Doxy before I go to bed. I wake zits , knock on wood. :noggin:

    So pleas give me what you know...It will be very helpful.
  2. OMG that is so funny! My smilie's little eye goes up and down when he gets hit in the head!!!:roflmfao: It takes so little to amuse me! :yahoo:

    :rolleyes: Der!
  3. Congrats!

    Doxy is the only acne medication that keeps me clear. Unfortunately, it also makes me nauseated. :sad: It was making me throw up a lot, so I went on a sister drug... Tetracycline I think it was. It didn't keep my skin clear, though. So I went back to Doxy (I'd rather have clear skin and throw up a little). I've actually been taking it with a Ginger pill to settle my stomach and haven't had nearly as many nausea problems. I take it twice a day - morning and night. Only the morning pill makes me sick. Taking it at night and then laying down for bed does give me wicked bad heartburn, so heed the warning to not lay down for 30 min after taking it.

    I use a gel/lotion (looks like gel but is actually a lotion) called... erm, I can't remember in the morning and Differin at night.

    And my skin's doing good! :smile:
  4. Doxycycline & Differin cream has worked wonders for myself. I suffered from really bad acne a few years ago and was prescribed these two and I have been very pleased with the results. Like you I took the medication daily and applied the cream on before I went to bed and I'm sure following this procedure, it will help you fight against acne. Good luck :tup:
  5. Differin did not work for me at all!!! The doc switched me to Retin which seemed to be working but now it's not. I have an appt in June so I'll see what the next step is. Good luck with your regimine.
  6. Differin didn't work for me either, the only med that truly worked for me was Accutane. If it is working for you I say keep using it.
  7. Differin gel is working for me. It's not an immediate improvement though. It took about three months of use before I could say it was really working. I still get the occasional pimple, but the breakouts have stopped.
  8. I got some kinda gel to dry out the bad skin, but also BC pills which gave me really great skin^^
  9. My skin isn't usually that bad, but I took Doxycyclin for something else, and during that time, my skin was flawless. I loved it! My BF has also taken it for his acne, and it got a lot better.
  10. i'm using tetracycline 2x a day, differin at night and clindamycin in the morning. Im still in the first 2 weeks with differin and im just starting to see some results. I dont know if the tetracycline is doing anything, i was on that long before the diffein so i might ask the derm to switch me.

    EmilyK, I get real bad heartburn from the tetracycline too unless I take it with A LOT of water. even if im not laying down, if i dont take it with a ton of water the heartburn is almost unbearable!
  11. Differin doesn't really do much .... I think Retin-A Micro works a little better.... But Accutane really did the trick.
  12. All I can comment on is the gel. It dried my skin up too much. I'm really only oily around the eyelids now. The rest of my face just breaks out with huge under the skin zits that scars up my face.

    I use Tazarac which is a retinol cream now and it works great.

    When I used to see my derm he swore that he thought diet had something to do with it too even though most of the studies at the time didn't support that thought.
  13. I tried Doxy for a while and it basically cleared my face (although there's still a few breakouts on the side, but nothing serious). Good luck.
  14. Good to know I'm not alone. I'd never had heartburn before so it scared the sh!t out of me the first time. I actually just took my morning pill and it's giving me heartburn... :tdown:
  15. If my son has big acne, I use zeno. Its a medical device that kills the bacteria in the pimple and when treated, can make it fade or disappear within a day. Although it is best to used this device when the pimple it just starting.
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