New accessory on!

  1. 052750FC00.jpg
  2. That is Darling!!!!!
  3. I saw this too and it´s so gorgeous. I don´t know if it would stay in my hair though.
  4. I like it, but I'm kind of afraid that I would break it. I have long, thick hair that sometimes feels like a real fuzz.
  5. I Don't Know How Long It's Been Out...There Has Been Other Horn Pieces For The Hair:heart:

    RBB ~ This Would Be So Beautiful In Your Magnificent Golden Hair:heart::heart::heart:

    ETA: I Was Just On There Too (We All Got Our Email!!!!)....I Made A Purchase (Well, My DH Did ~ He Told Me That Was It For Night #3:sad:...Just Kidding ~ He's A :heart:)....It's A Little Something I Wanted For A While:yes:
  6. I agree with Mediana, but I have the opposite problem... my hair is to fine and thin that it probably won't stay put!!! But I bet it would look great on your gorgeous mane, RBB!!!
  7. I love it.

  8. They used to have this model before. I have this and like the spade one. My hair is thick and long and these accessories are quite strong and hold'em beautifully :tup: I'm known for hating making my hair and these accessories help me to keep my hair-mess in style :p
  9. I Thought I Saw Similar Before.....It's Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  10. BagLuv, what did you get??? I want pictures!!!!

    Thank you ladies :love: Guess I might have to add this to my wishlist! I have had a similar style before, in leather, and I LOVED it.
  11. GORGEOUS! :tup:
  12. This is so pretty Sarah...I wish I didn't have such short hair, as this really wouldn't work in my hair :sad:
    But I think you should get it, BagLuv is right, it would fantabulous in your hair!!!!
  13. Then it goes up on my list as well :smile:
  14. Yeah, Mediana, so have I. It looks a bit delicate, but gorgeous!!
  15. That's cute. :smile: I don't know if it would stay put in my hair though.