New Accessories

  1. I went to the coach store today to return 2 accessories that I bought during PCE and check out the new Bleecker Collection. I returned my accessories but came home with these!

  2. oooh very pretty! I love the colors!
  3. OH MY GOSH....Is that the new sculpted Signature scarf in black?? I was just on Coach .com last night drooling over it.....
    :heart: MUST HAVE IT!!!
    Congrats to you!!
  4. I love your choices! That wine color is TDF!
  5. I love the red!!! Congrats!!
  6. Loooooove it =)
  7. I love, love your scarf. I'm thinking of getting the parchment one. Looks so warm for the upcoming winter nights.
  8. I love the wristlets!! I have my eye on the sig red/khaki. I love the buckle on the front and the fact that it also has a zipper and that lining is so beautiful! Gotta wait till next PCE!
  9. I love that scarf. Is this more of a black or a gray color? online it's called charcoal which to me is more gray???
  10. I love the scarves too..but in Phoenix it just doesnt get that cold to wear gloves and scarves..and they are so pretty too!