new accessories

  1. theres lots of new accessories on the LV web site.
    including the MC key holder and mono badge holder. some nice new mono wallets too:yahoo:
  2. Thanks for the heads up!

    Esimated approx $360?
    Two CC slots, coin compartment, bill compartment (the coin compartment is cool but would coins fall out if the wallet was placed vertically?

    Estimated approx $560? (based on conversion and comparison with other prices on the UK site)
    I like this one! 13 CC slots, coin compartment, bill compartment, patch pocket, transparent pocket...not sure on the dimensions on this one because they are probably wrong on the web site. Kind of reminds me of the Accordeon, but with more compartments! This is on MY list! If it's around 5" length, I'd get it!
    magellan.jpg alexandra.jpg
  3. [​IMG]
    Badge key holder
    Estimated $230??
  4. thanks for posting the pics karman. the new bags that are named after clouds are up too. the cirrus is v cute
  5. [​IMG]
    MC Key holder
    Estimated $220??

    MC Zippy
    Esimated $675??
    mckey.jpg mczippy.jpg
  6. key holder is £105 on UK site

    is new too I don't think I've ever seen it

  7. Whoa... I swear that when I was looking at the UK site it wasn't on there yet :wtf: Now it's the first one above the Heart! Oh well!

    That clutch it cute...!
  8. I KNOW the same thing happened to me with the mono items
  9. Seems to me there are new belts too (MC and Suhali), or had I missed those before? I didn't find the badge holder though - that might be a nice alternative to a cles - would hold more?

    Thank you Karman for the heads up.
  10. I think the belts are the same the badge holder is in small leather goods on the UK version of the site
  11. i like that second wallet, i would like to see it in person. i want to know if that cc section is just attached at the end, or is it in the wallet.

    i though new mc stuff couldn't be made bc the contract between takashit and louis was up. what is the deal with that?
  12. whoa.... I like the 2nd wallet.... and the macao clutch is AWESOME! it would suit a guy perfectly! and of course the MC 4 cles is so cute, I was going to get it the other day but there was a scratch on the leather... meh...
  13. I like the second wallet too, but the bill compartment is not long enough. So, the bills have to be folded? :shrugs:
  14. Yah i like the second wallet too! gotta check it out!!
  15. Thanks for posting