New accessories (and pic of bag on shoulder)

  1. So I took my new bag out for it's first spin today and stopped at Coach in KoP to show the SAs who had helped me order it. I wound up getting the gemini zodiac charm and wanted to share. Also here are the pig charm and legacy wristlet I bought a few weeks ago. Someone also asked me to post a pic of the bag on my shoulder, so there's one of those too!
    legacy accessories.JPG new goodies.JPG shoulder.JPG
  2. :nuts: AMAZING! :drool:

    I MUST have that bag :love:

    Thanks for the pic on your shoulder-- now I am sold! :happydance:
  3. Very nice! I loaded up my bag and just have to trasnfer stuff into my wallet and my makeup bag. Then I will take some photos.
  4. Dzzy - go for it! It really is pretty and the purple ranges from lighter/more lavendar to darker/more wine depending on the light. You'll love it.
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. beautiful!!
  7. Thanks everyone!
  8. that bag is so cute on you! :smile:
  9. Wow, it looks great on you.
  10. Love the bag- looks terrific on you. Cute charms!
  11. I am currently thinking about getting your bag in black leather:


    and am so glad to see your pictures cuz it looks really nice on you! Is it roomy because I would like it to be an everyday bag.. Thanks and congrats on your bag:yes:
  12. That bag is stunning and the charms look so good with it.
  13. Wow! Thanks everyone so much for the nice comments!

    MarieG - it is surprisingly roomy - I carry the wristlet, a huge wallet, normal "cosmetic" type stuff in the main compartment and keep my cell in one of the outside pockets for easy access, even though there's plenty of room for it inside. I also use the front and back pockets for my keys and sunglasses.I think it's a great size for an everyday bag.
  14. Beautiful!! The charms are so cute. Enjoy
  15. Great bag I thought it was bigger but it's perfect for you!! Congrats the accessories are adorable.