New accessoires, scarves & fancy jewelry soon? What about the flowers?

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  1. I'm on the UK site now and suddenly I noticed that when you keep the arrow (and not clicking) over the "fancy jewelry" and the "scarves" in the men section other items than those that are listed appear.. Are these the new accessoire items? I really like the floral prints, the dog tag and the ring look awesome too, a lot nicer than the wooden stuff for winter. WHen will they be launched?

    Also I*m wondering if anyone knows if the flowers attatched to the blazers on the homme collection SS will be released separately?


    sorry, but I do not know how to take screen pics etc. Pictures of flowers can be found in the runway pictures.
  2. oh so u r talking about the men's line....bummer!! i thought the new ones are women's....haha :smile:
  3. the ring and the dog tag where out last year fall/winter (I think) the floral scarf is really nice Iit looks in a similar style to the things for the mens spring/summer 07
  4. ^
    Ok, so the accessoires are all gone? I thought they looked alittle more summery than the current ones. =P

    As for the scarves, they can't really make wollen scarves for summer? Does anyone know which material they'll probably be in?