new Abs DVD?

  1. Has anybody tried's new DVDs? I just saw it on TV today (yeah, mass marketing!) and it looks new but I almost fell out of my chair when they had the testimonials come on and were showing people that lost 3 inches! in one week!

    I'm always skeptical about quick weight loss schemes but this seems to be a way to get a little cardio while focusing on the midsection at the same time! I am not really interested in hip hop dance so I was hesitant at first, but the more I looked into it, it seems exercise-video oriented with more focus on the area I most want to improve - stomach!

    Anybody else try it? I'd love to know if anybody has and if it worked for you too. Even if it takes longer than 1 week, it would be amazing to be able to trim down the stomach without having to do situps or crunches!
  2. I wanted to bump this up and let everybody know my DVDs came yesterday and I am so excited to try them! They do say that you can lost three inches in one week (we'll see if that's really true!) and they included a tape measure which was a nice little bonus as I really needed one, lol.

    If anybody is interested in finding out, I'll post some updates to let you know, yay or nay! I'm very optimisitic. Ab workout without situps...
  3. ^ I am definitely interested to know how you like the DVDs. Please keep us updated! :smile:
  4. I bought this set. I'm a regular exerciser and I felt like the 30 minute aerobic workout isn't too challenging. The toning DVD is definitely more challenging. I haven't tried the 15 minute ab workout yet.

    I'm thinking of getting the advanced set to see how I like it.

    Overall, I think for aerobic workouts I prefer Turbo Jam.
  5. What I'm really interested in knowing is if you do this every day for a whole week if it's really possible to lose a few inches like they claim. I'm hesitant to post my waist size but I'd be thrilled if it's true.

    I bought it because I wanted something not necessarily challenging, but focused on abs without situps. That's the draw for me.
  6. Okay, tomorrow is Day 1 and I'm excited. I read through the literature they sent with it, a lot of it is diet related but doesn't seem impossible. I'm going to try to add cardio as well but so far just cardio hasn't worked too well.

    I did learn today that if you go to bed at least 3 hours after eating your last meal, you'll burn more calories when you sleep! A good start.
  7. hi Ingenue Sophie!
    i saw your recommendation of this dvd in my post.
    let me know how this work out for you.
    i'm keeping my finger cross for you :dothewave:
  8. Thanks bluewin! I appreciate all the morale support I can get. Weight is a tricky issue for me as exercise is the only component I haven't been able to tackle due to injury and balancing work with needing to work out.

    I'm determined to win this battle!!! Time to face it head on. Here I go...:choochoo: :choochoo: :choochoo:
  9. Oh this is awesome! I saw the infomercial this morning and I was PSYCHED! I was ready to buy it right after the commercial! I couldn't believe it! And it looked so fun!!!!:yahoo: I went to the website but it wouldn't let me do the 3 payments - it wanted it all up front. Or do you get choice after you submit your order???? Oh please - let me know how you like it!!! Is the music as great as they say? Are you feeling better? I so need to exercise - I need to lose 30 pounds but want a variety of things to do...walking, pilates, dancing. I get so bored doing the same thing!! Please keep us posted, k? Unless I just can't take it and order it tonight as well!!!!!!!:roflmfao:
  10. I have both Turbo Jams and Hip Hop Abs...the Turbo Jams is a much more intense workout, but I love the Hip Hop Abs for the fun and dance routines!
  11. Oh - do you think I should order both just to vary the exercise routines? I'm serious about this. :nuts:
  12. I say order both. Variety will be great when you get into it and do it all the time.

    I haven't actually popped mine into the dvd player yet. I planned to do 1hr a day of elliptical machine cardio to boost it along, but what I really want to know is how it works without extra cardio added to it.

    So, I decided my first week is write down everything I eat, try to lose a little bit of this baby fat first, then get to a point where I might see more of a result from diving into the abs dvd.

    So far my calorie count is just about 1200 or so a day and that seems low but for me that's as much volume as I can handle. I'm small boned. I drank four glasses of water yesterday and didnt' getmuch sleep last night because I was constantly waking up to pee! lol.

    I weighed and measured myself yesterday and will do it again on Friday and we'll see the results then. After that I will jump into the abs workout too. I have a LOT of work to do. I hope you all will try it too. If I can do it, anybody can. I the queen of lack of motivation and chronic pain plus sleeplessness. But I'm determined to take control back of my life! yippee! stay tuned...
  13. Maybe we should try this together. Like a cheering team. I don't have any sleep issues but I know that my back isn't strong (probably from the lack of strong stomach muscles). I think my tummy took a beating after having 4 kids. I'm not hideous - in fact, I think I look pretty damn good for having 4 kids....but I would like to kick down 30 pounds. This will NOT make me look like Nicole Ritchie in any way - just healthier. I don't like that when I gain weight, I seem to get a bigger neck/chin/cheeks. It's cute and round (not) and want to get a little leaner looking.