New Abbey Leather Flap

  1. When I was picking up the wallet to match the Camilla Python print in SF last thursday (Is the wallet sold out now?) I saw this bag on display. I knew she would want it. She has been asking me for a leather bag for a while.

    Well after she pampered me for my birthday last weekend with a trip to the spa's in calistoga and a quick trip to the casino we stopped off at a boutique and I showed her the bag. Having won some money while gambling I thought she should have it.

    Mods if the image is to big let me know.

  2. Oh, I am dying for this bag! What a lovely gift for your sis!
  3. Nice! :tup:
  4. Oh, that is just pure gorgeous.ness....WOW:drool:
  5. You wouldn't want to post a photo of the interior for us would you? :tender:
  6. It is a gorgeous bag but I just returned it today ... the pictures are very deceiving IMO. It is a large bag (top to bottom) but very thin width wise. After carrying Carly's for months I need a bigger bag. Also, it is a bit too busy for me with all the lacing on the sides. YMMV.
  7. That's one gorgeous bag! I saw it in person and it is really beautiful!
  8. Nice! I love the western look it has to it.
  9. I saw this bag today and the leather is a wonderful coloring. My whiskey Mandy would be jealous so I had to put her back.
  10. I want this bag so badly I could just cry! She's beautiful, thank you for posting pics. Maybe someday...
  11. That is one beautiful bag and the detailing is great. If your sister prefers larger bags, I think she'll love it. You're a very thoughtful sister.
  12. Very nice!
  13. One thing I noticed about this bag when I looked at it in the boutique is that the curvature to the flap makes it kind of hard to flip open. Has anyone had an issue with this? Still, it is gorgeous and I really want one!
  14. I ordered this early, today thank you for posting a pic I've been wanting to see what it really looks like.

    And wow at the gift. That's so nice of you! =)
    Sis? Oh, I thought it was for a gf.
  15. Oh...I guess I misread that! :shame: But nice gift regardless!