new 70% markdowns on

  1. Shopbop just added a lot more to their 70% off sale section...check it out :biggrin:
  2. the 70% off section is pretty unimpressive. there is great stuff at 50% though
  3. Am I the only one who can't stand their website navigation?!?!
  4. they probably want u to surf as much as possible. to get tempted to buy their stuff!
  5. I can't stand their website either!
  6. I guess that must be it ... that's exactly what irritates me is that I have to surf through so much stuff to find anything!!! :cursing:
  7. I think the web site is great. They always have new stuff, and they give you lots of ways to view it (by designer, category, etc.) and I like the way the image enlarges at the right when you mouse over a photo.
  8. yes! i hate it that they dont allow people to filter through by size or price or have a "VIEW ALL" option!

    the only thing i like about them is the hovering over the item to see it on the side

    but yeah this isnt about how wack Shopbop is lol. thanks for the tip!

  9. Even though you can't "view all" I still find that I can zip through the site much faster than many others. But that sullen chick with the red hair does really bug me. :smile: