New 35cm Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin with phw

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  1. I had to share this! I am so excited about my new 35cm Vert Anis Ostrich Birkin with phw. Of course, my husband thinks that I am crazy because I obsess over these bags so I thought I will share my excitement here. My friend told me about a 32cm Vert Anis Ostrich Kelly available but when I went to the store, the SA asked if I was interested in a birkin instead and I said OMG absolutely!!! :yahoo: I just got the bag and the color is the most amazing green I have ever seen. I will post pictures later today.
  2. I love that combo so much! Dying to see pics!
  3. :nuts: ...LOVE Vert Anis Ostrich! Where did you find this beauty?

  4. Congrats to you! You're a lucky lady! Can't wait to see pics!
  5. My 100th POST! I just realized!

    And I wanted to use it to say congratulations! Sometimes life will take us in the best possible direction if we go with the flow, understand, and look forward to the challenges we are presented with each day!

    That said, GREAT SCORE GIRL that sounds like a fab bag! :yahoo:
  6. Vert Anis Ostrich is so pretty .:girlsigh: ... can't wait to see pictures! I need eye candy :popcorn:
  7. :yahoo: SCORE!!! The bag sounds divine. POST PICS! POST PICS! POST PICS! (Chanting over here).

    Lady Emma, GET OFF THIS THREAD!! You will forget all about lipo & silly automobiles. :p
  8. Okay here are the pictures. I had to use a white background or the color doesn't come out.
    Hermes Vert Anis Ostrich.jpg Hermes Vert Anis Closeup.jpg
  9. That is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  10. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! It is stunning!
  11. Very nice!!!! Congrats!!!!
  12. She sure is a beauty! You are very fortunate...Congratulations!!!
  13. Lucky, lucky you! Enjoy it!
  14. Thank you everyone! It is wonderful to share this with you. As mentioned my husband just doesn't get it.
  15. WOOOOW! That bag is stunning!! Great pictures too. Congrats!!!