New 2nd generation OP Bambino from Seattle Outlet

  1. I came home and got the package from Seattle Outlet! I LOVE it!!! I've always wanted a bambino, especially in the original print!! The front is perfect with the cactus friends =)



    People who got the 2nd gen op bags, especially gioco and portatelefono, please post pix!! :yahoo:
  2. It's beautiful! Congrats! Mine's not here yet .. maybe tomorrow I hope. I got the Gioco and Bambinone. Will definitely post pics when they're here. Btw, where are you located and when did you place your order?
  3. Ohhh I'm from downtown Seattle (30 min drive from the outlet) but I've been busy...I placed it last Thursday afternoon so it got here pretty quickly!!
  4. Wow! That's really fast for you. I think all of us who bought from Seattle are eagerly anticipating the mailman! Lucky you got yours so fast!
  5. Oo:huh:Ooo it's very pretty, congrats ^__^
  6. Aw it's so cute! I like how it's centered :smile:
  7. aww how cute... geez now you're making me really want to get me a few :nuts: I really want to see the gioco even tho I'm not fond of the style yet but it'd be cool to see it in something we haven't seen before!
  8. wow perfect placement on your bambino congrats!!
  9. congratulations! it's soooo cute!! i really love using the Bambino!!
  10. bedhead - very very cute front placement!! :love: they should put the yellow cactus and emo cactus on more prints!! haha but we already know that's too late.. except for Tutti.. the yellow one is in it.. but theres no color :sad:
  11. WOW! very cute! congrats! love the print placement on the front.
    OP looks really good on a bambino, great choice! :tup:

    OT: i just received my citta bambino from eBay seller on saturday, carried it out on sunday for breakfast and shopping... love it loads!

    bambino is a bag that looks so tiny but fits a lot and fills up in a way it looks so adorable! i carry a small brolly in my bags most of the time, and was surprised to find that the brolly fitted perfectly in my bambino. yay!
  12. That is the cutest print ever! :heart:
  13. great placement! congratz!
  14. congrats!!! It's sooo cuuute :biggrin:
  15. eeeeeek! congrats! its super cute :biggrin:

    this makes me even more excited for my gioco!! xD