NEW 2014 Hot Pink MONTAIGNE MM Empreinte

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  1. I saw this pic from internet somewhere and stated that this is limited edition Hot Pink (not sure what they call the name) MONTAIGNE MM Empreinte.
    And look at the wallets. Seems like they have 3 colors, hot pink, yellow and ivory too.
    Any info ladies?
  2. It could be amethyst under bright lighting… I haven't heard anything about hot pink coming out.
  3. I was just in a boutique yesterday looking at the Montaigne and I told the SA I was going to wait until they came out with more colors. This is a hot one! :tup:
  4. Hmmm, could be as it does look different in various light.

  5. That's what I thought. Especially after I saw your post about the choices of the colors.
    But when I look at those wallets then I got confused. It is Really Really Pink!
    I need to check with my SA ASAP.
  6. Please let us know what your SA says! :smile:
  7. Maybe the hot pink is the fuchsia. I heard fuchsia will be available in epi (for the emilie and josephine wallet) so maybe LV also made it for emp. leather?
  8. this is what i've been waiting for a pink emp wallet
  9. Is that possible that it could be Empreinte in Jaipur?
    Credit pics from DLYNN's Empreinte speedy 25 Jaipur thread. She took beautiful pics under the bright light too.

  10. that would be a great color!! love it!!!😍
  11. I believe it is ostrich Montaigne as LV will launch ostrich Montaigne in beautiful fuschia in April.
  12. Well all I know is that is one fine Montaigne! But ostrich? I know for sure that I can't do that.:crybaby: Such a shame as its a fabulous color. Loving that pink.

    Thanks for the info cali_moon before I got myself all worked up over a pink Montaigne...
  13. I could be wrong, I hope. I want hot pink empreinte montaigne bag too.
  14. Oh my, we really do have the same tastes. The picture of your Amethyste Emp Montaigne & Zippy Wallet pushed me over the edge! It was beautiful! I had to have it. :shame:

    But even still, I'm thrilled. :party: