New 2008 Spring Line

  1. I work for a small boutique and saw the new Kooba spring line. I just wanted to let all of you know that there are some great new styles coming out soon!!! I put an order in for the new Isabella...can't wait! :love:
  2. Yea! When can we see it??!!! Thanks for warning my wallet!!:rolleyes:
  3. I am soooo jealous of those of you who have a Kooba retailer nearby! The only store in my state that sells Kooba is Saks, which is 85 miles away. Boo! :crybaby:Can't wait to see the new bags & colors :drool:
  4. Kateykix, come on, spill the beans, tell us what's on the way for Spring.
  5. Oh my gosh - don't leave us hanging! What does the Isabella look like? :tender:

    Dang, I've been so busy cheating on Kooba and picking up some vintage Kooba here and there that I forgot the Spring line was near! Oh please let this be a return to the Kooba we know and love! :girlsigh:
  6. I wish I could show all of you pics! There are a lot of rich colors coming this, red, yellow, blue...all really gorgeous! I'll give all of you more details tonight...I have the catalog at home! :flowers:
  7. Alright is the list that I have of Koobas coming out for Spring and the colors that they'll be available in. I've grouped them according to how they are grouped in the catalog.

    Avery, Nicole, Charlie and Josie: Black, Ivory, Luggage and Rose
    Paige, Jessie and Mackenzie: Ivory
    Devin, Elisha, Bonnie: Black, White, Red, Blonde, Brown, Blue, Yellow, Black
    Parker, Natasha, Penelope: Brown, Straw, Ink, White, White Coated Canvas, Denim Coated Canvas
    Meredith, Nina and Phoebe: Black, Brown, Blonde and Slate (These are super cute!)
    Sloane, Lena, Gretchen: Straw, Slate
    Callie, Talia, Juliette: Black, White, Pink, Grass
    Mattie, Jacinda, Isabella, Jaylin: Black, Stone, Brown, Lavender
    Gemma, Harlan: Black, Rose Gold
    Waverly, Nelli, Naomi: Brown, Blue, Yellow
    Molly, Roni, Hope: Rust, Ivory, Buff, Black
    Gracie, Kerri: Black, White, Teal Python, Purple Python

    I'll try to post pics if I can find them. Hope this helps!
  8. I cant wait to see some Elisha pics...I really love this bag and would love a yummy color
  9. Kateykix: Thanks for sharing all this info on the new bags. I'm intrigued by all of the new names and can't wait to see the actual bags!
  10. I'm glad to see they brought the Lena back...but why in only straw and slate? I wish they would have brought that back in black and honey. I've been after a black one forever since borrowing one from BBS.

    Now...if only they'd bring back updated versions of some of our other favorites...:girlsigh:
  11. No problem! I'm happy to share! I just wish I had pics to post. :girlsigh:
  12. Anyone actually pre-order yet? I'm contemplating it but really want to see what the slew of other bags are going to look like. I'm interested to see what the styles of bags in pink will be. I'd love a green bag but that color name "grass" just sounds like too bright a shade for me.
  13. Here are some horribly scanned pics of the new line, but you'll get the idea! I hope this helps with your decision making!

    Callie, Talia, Juliette

    Gemma, Harlan

    Gracie, Kerri

    Mattie, Jacinda, Isabella :love: , Jaylin

    Meredith, Nina, Phoebe

    Molly, Roni, Hope
  14. I obviously have issues posting pictures. I can never get them to show up correctly. Here are the rest.

    Callie, Talia, Juliette

    Waverly, Nelli, Naomi


    Meredith, Nina, Phoebe


    Yesyesyesyes!! I'm seeing some Must Haves in those pics!!! :love::heart::love::heart:

    I'm with you, too - that Isabella is great!