New 2008 LV purchase...^_^

  1. hey all, i purchase some small LV stuff recently( thxs to lot of help from u know who:flowers:) and thought its time i post those pics..:yahoo:

  2. Reveal!!!
  3. i FINALLY got my jack & lucie keychain and a epi medium agenda..



  4. Congrats on your new goodies!
  5. sorry thta some of these are not LV.

    plus PRADA LIMITED EDITION BEARS...everyone shoudl get one ...the bottom 3 bears are VALENTINE special bears


    i put the bears on my LV & PRADA bags.



  6. Congrats!! I love Jack and Lucie!! :love:
  7. the PRADA teddy bears comes in cute boxes..the red box is SPECIAL VALENTINE teddy bears



    do u put other brands charms or keychains on yr LV?:p
  8. OoH I love your goodies... congrats! :smile: Enjoy them! :smile:
  9. congrats!
  10. :huh:Oh, CONGRATS! I love everything, especially the Prada bears! They're so adorable!
  11. Don'tcha just loooove red Epi? It's friggin gorgeous!!! :drool:
  12. Congrats, and hey, you can upload pictures again !
  13. So Cute
    Love the Prada valentine Bears. Can I ask how much? Many thanks
  14. What's the story behind LV naming the keychain Jack & Lucie? Were they of some significance to the company?
  15. the bears are $150 each :sweatdrop: i know i shoudl not buy all of them but i cant help it ;) so i am now broke...:crybaby:
    everyone shoudl get one if still available.