new 2008 Chloes filtering through!

  1. ...sorry if some if these have already been posted.

    There's definitely been a style change at Chloe!

    Pics from BG...

    Mily Flap bowler

    Saskia tote


    Ada satchel:


    Elsa tote:
  2. Bay East-West Bowler:
  3. Pics from NAP...

    Ada tote:
    Saskia Square tote:
    Nancy clutch:
  4. The Saskia is really kind of a cool bag. Love the color, very rich and nice? The boots on got on sale two weeks ago (I have discovered) come from this design, the Saskia. The arrow flap on the side is identical to this purse. The finish on my boots is pretty incredible. The care card said they were hand rubbed multiple times to achieve a certain patina, I was advised not to put polish on them (hummm?). I wonder if the Saskia purse was treated the same way. Again a gorgeous finish.
  5. I am very fond of the east-west bowler. It is like a smaller version of the bay and with the extra zip. I need a new black bag. I have bought all kinds of colours last year on bags but not black so if that will come in black I am afraid I will have to get it.
  6. Oh susie - I'm getting a bit of a crush on the saskia as well and I love that turquoise/teal colour! The style reminds me of some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.
  7. i_wona - thank you for gathering all these temptations here! I am curious about the "Ada" in either style. There appears to be some asymmetrical stuff going on. I actually like that touch but I want to make sure I am not seeing things. There is some sort of embossing on the left and the same area is smooth on the right???
  8. On the nap site it says that the Ada has mesh pockets at the ends.

  9. The Leather packs some punch i_wanna. Can't wait to see this bag IRL!:yes:
  10. the saskia seems to be the only bag to have potential.....the rest are just so mehh.
  11. Not really a fan of the other bags, but the Saskia! I love it!
  12. Geez, that Saskia turquoise is stunning!
  13. Not in love yet, but as we all know things can change. I'm waiting on another Heloise to wow me. Sure wish some would start showing up in the outlet stores!;)
  14. I like the Bay East-West Bowler (naturally!) but the rest of the bags leave me cold I'm afraid:tdown: . I've seen more of the new collection on LVR and am not wildly impressed ( which is just as well :tup: given my recent out-of-control spending spree :shame:smile:.

    Basically I can't see anything there that looks to me like it's set to become a Chloe classic :nogood:.
  15. :nuts: Oh My Goodness! I love the Saskia and the e/w Bay!!! :drool: