"New" 2005 B-Bags at Koh Samui

  1. I stopped in at Koh Samui in London last week while on vacation...they had new 2005 and 2006 b-bags in stock...

    I thought quite seriously about a F05 olive city and a F05 bordeaux city...they also had a few 2005 first bags...I recall apple green, magenta, metallic fushia, and a light (sky?) blue...

    In case you are interested...

    65 Monmouth Street
    London WC2

    0207 240 4280
  2. thanks SoCal! i am tempted but i hate the exchange rate now and customs.
  3. What were the 05's going for, roughly??
  4. Sorry, I did not look carefully at prices...
  5. Did they have these colors in the ciy size? Thanks for posting!
  6. The two 05 city bags that I noticed were the olive (gorgeous!) and the bordeaux (pretty, but slightly "waxy" looking)... I did not ask if they had other 05 city colors in stock.

    Saw Chloe Edith bags in just about every department store in London...major Chloe stock here...

    In general, I did not see as many city bags in London as I did first, twiggy, work, and weekender styles. I did see one rouille city at Harvey Nicks.

    There was a small boutique on the island of Capri that had several Spring 2006 city bags, but none in rouille...they had ink (slightly waxy), cornflower (a gorgeous bag!), gray, cognac, lilac...hmm...can't remember the name of the boutique...it was slightly off the "main" shopping street...not a lot of help, huh...
  7. I purchased my Apple Green First at Koh Samui, and while they are extremely pleasant, the exchange rate (GPB vs USD) is killer! The first ended up costing me more than a City bag would cost here (but you all know the 'score' about my luck with trying to find the Apple City bag!).

    Here's a picture of the Apple Green First (along with my Apple Green Mini Classique and Emerald City - I call this the "Attack of the Greens"!):
    Attack of the Greens - 2wtmk.jpg
  8. Oh wow! CeeJay, that apple green First is making me drool. But I'm waiting for the new colors so I don't think I can bring myself to pay more than a City would cost for a First. :+(
  9. Oh! Congrats Cee-Jay!!! I'm so happy you finally found your apple! When did that happen??? I must have missed it or something.

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. i just bought an apple first from koh this morning. they still have the magenta first. ask for edith... she was extremely helpful. i think after VAT the price is about the same as US... plus she shipped it as a gift, so i wouldn't have to pay duty/customs.

    congrats to you ceejay! (we're practically family....same bag, same batch)
  11. The last time i called there were two apple green left. does that mean that there's none left alr esile?
  12. tzeee, i'm not absolutely positive, but i thought there was one more left.
  13. Love the "Attack of the Greens"! :lol: The little apple green booby is soooo cute!
  14. yep i think it works out the same once they minus the VAT. would love to know what else they had in the First sizes! And how much their ediths were. Do they have an email address at all? :smile:
  15. Impressive 'green' collection. Wow!~