New 20% discount, check your emails!

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  1. Well, we were wondering if Coach would come out with a new 20% off email coupon since the last one expired this past Sunday. I just got an email hours ago and this one is good 2/24/2010 - 2/28/2010

    So check your emails before heading to the outlet this week!
  2. thanks for the heads up!!
  3. Yay for coupons! Thanks :sunshine:
  4. they're also still handing out coupons at the door
  5. Business must be bad without the 20% coupon. The Penelope is my favorite, maybe I will go to have a look at them.
  6. They are handing them out at the door too...they told me I wont ever need one because they will always have coupons at the door (during the 20% off sale).

    But I also heard they are always going to be doing them now because people won't come in unless there is an extra 20% off...anyone else hear this?
  7. No but I bet it's true! I won't buy anything unless I get the coupon.
  8. #8 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
    Can someone attach a link to the e-mailed coupon?

    I never get these e-mails no matter how many times/diff. e-mail addresses I provide. I hear others say that they are giving them out at the door, but a few weeks ago I went up to my local outlet (after hearing on here that their outlets were passing them out), but my store wasn't passing them out. When I mentioned I had a 'friend' who mentioned to me that their outlet was passing them out that day, they said Corporate didn't say anything about it, so they weren't allowed to give them out. So, having been burned that day, I always want to have a print-out the e-mail version just in case! TIA!

  9. NVM....Just found the link in another thread called "Outlet Coupon Question". Thanks anyway!
  10. Are these coupons just for the outlet? I signed up with the Coach website and I just got the email today called "March News" with the latest updates and styles but no coupon!! What have I done wrong? I always get the news emails, I have never gotten a coupon before.