New 1090 $,Would you pay 350 $ used?

  1. Hello!!!
    I´ve been interested in a designer bag that was sold on eBay for 350 $ a month ago.
    Now,same seller lists it for starting price 295 $.
    I think "she"(with another nick with 1 feedback) was the winner bidder because didn´t want to sell it such price or to wear more.
    Bag seems more used (specially suede sides) although seller says "like new" .
    Would you pay 350 $ (including shipping cost)...?
    I am not sure....
    This brand never goes on sale...
  2. pics?
  3. What bag is it? i cant really say without knowing what it is
  4. ITA! sounds like a good deal, but without pictures, it's really hard to tell! :yes:
  5. What brand? That makes a difference.
  6. What brand is it.
  7. Do you have any pictures? It sounds like an awesome deal though!
    And what brand is it? ... never goes on sale.. is it an LV?

    You might want to be careful about authencity issues, condititions, etc... Is she just putting on a quick sale to get rid of it? Or is there something wrong with it? As they always say - if it is too good to be true - it probably is!

    I mean if you are forking out that much money - eventhough significantlly less than retail, you should get what you are paying for!
  8. Yes - more info. would be helpful - pix and brand, for sure.
  9. The fact that the seller is reselling the bag using another id sounds fishy to me...
  10. ^^i agree...better really look into it before you buy it and let us help you out
  11. Sounds a bit odd to me! What's the feedback like?
  12. Brand Carolina Herrera. I am going to post pictures in few minutes
  13. 1afa_1_sbl.jpg


    I know it is authentic.I have 5 Carolina Herrera handbags, no one in this size and colour.
    Maybe too many CH....:confused1:

    I bougth them new. Seller has 100 % positive feedback.
    Look at suede at left side In,it is dark....
  14. This bag looks well worn. id depends on you, if you don't care about it and feel trusty about this seller, then go for it, otherwise save your money for other goodies. is there any chance you can find a similar one on eBay for something more than 350 $ but in mint condition?
  15. Hi,

    I've been in this dilemma before... and my advice is if you really love the bag and it's still available at retail - buy it there. There's a great chance you will get this eBay bag and it will either be a fake, or there will be more wear than anticipated from the pix. My experience is that *everything* looks AMAZING in the pics on ebay... and just like total crap when you get it delivered in the mail.

    Ugh. I feel terrible for saying that as I know there are probably alot of good bags being sold on ebay, but I have not had much luck there at all.

    So I vote for buying the real thing, at the retail price. ;)