New 10% off paypal code.

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  1. I just searched the net and found ''newyear2006'' as a 10% paypal code.

    I have not tried it out as I just paid for an LV broome wallet last night and am now gutted :evil:.. so can anyone verify that it works .


    UPDATED : also found this one ''v8a5u1t'' it saves 15% off $100 spent. Please let me know if it works.
  2. Has anyone tried these codes out yet-- i would love to know if they do work??
  3. I am waiting to receive an invoice (shipping was not noted). I will let you know as soon as I go to pay for it.

    Thanks for the codes!!!
  4. Arg, I'll be so upset if they do work-- I just bought something yesterday! Actually, that is not very nice of me, I hope they do work for everyone else...
  5. ha ha Megan I feel the same , I paid for an LV blue broome wallet yesterday and only found the codes today :shame:
  6. Omg, I'm going to be piss if it works too because I bought something from ebay just last week! :evil: I tried looking for paypal coupon codes last wk but couldn't find any.
  7. Hello. I just tried to use both codes and neither work. Sorry.
  8. Not to be selfish or anything but yayyyy... I didn't get rip off!! lol
  9. bump - do these work
  10. Ooh.. I just bought a B bag from ebay. I would be extra pissed if the codes work. :evil: :lol:
  11. Just tried both codes, and they don't work.
  12. thanks for letting us know -- I will keep searching for new ones, and will post them here .