New 08 White GGH City Bag... My first GGH

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  1. Like for many others, the GGH grew on me... and I had to get my hands on this beautiful 08 GGH City. I carried it to work today for the first time with a dark blue suit, and it was fabulous. The leather is so smooth, and the white/gold contrast really adds polish to any work outfit. I always thought GH was too "bling" for me but boy was I wrong! (Coming from a die-hard Bottega fan who likes subtle tones).



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  2. Gorgeous! Congrats!

    Yay, we're White City GGH twinsies!
  3. Gorgeous :nuts: Congrats :yahoo:
  4. it's such a beauty congrats!
  5.'s beautiful
  6. very pretty! congrats~
  7. Yay! I love it! That is the exact bag I have been dreaming of.......hoping NM has it, it's double in circle points starting on the 10th!:graucho: Congrats!
  8. Oh gosh that is one gorgeous bag! I love it and may have to check one out for myself!!
  9. Thanks! I got a killer deal on it as well...
  10. so queenly. congrats!
  11. Very pretty, congrats!! :yes:
  12. :drool:

    i love white. i cant wait to get my white city!... how is the leather besides being smooth? is it very soft? i have yet to feel an o8 white bag.

    congrats btw!
  13. this is great!!! i love the look of white with giant hardware. im looking at a part time with GSH and im so tempted but afraid of getting it dirty....what do you think??? is white pretty sturdy???
  14. pretty...Congrats!!
  15. Stunning! Will we be lucky enough to see modelling shots? :graucho: