New 08 B-bag Colors! And Slim! Pics!

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  1. I'm not sure if any of you have seen these before, but I asked permission to repost these pics from someone who posted these elsewhere. She agreed. I'm not too sure which is which, please help me identify them! :tup:

    L-R: magenta with GGH, not sure what kind of blue, sahara with GGH, sahara with GSH, bubble gum pink
    BG pink.jpg blue.jpg sahara.jpg sahara2.jpg ss08 Bubblegum.jpg
  2. More pics!! People have been saying that the new Slim style is the magenta hobo with two straps, as well as the sky blue (?) one. Please correct me if I'm wrong! :yes: Haha I'm having hard time identifying the blues
    Magenta.jpg sky blue.jpg ss08 yellow.jpg
  3. Nice! Thanks for the sneak peek :woohoo:
  4. thanks for posting! i'm really liking the slim, think i might need it with a vert thyme :biggrin:
  5. Thanks for the pics! Love that bubble gum pink!
  6. Love the slim too, may have to give that one a try! My current favorite is the day... wonder if the measurements are similar :shrugs:
  7. I wanna Slim Sahara!!!
  8. Thanks for the pics! The first picture looks like magenta to it must be the lighting?? gorgeous colors! BBgum w/gsh is suprisingly really nice!
  9. I really like the slim! It's so cute! Thanks so much for the pics!!
  10. The slim is a bit odd looking, but some bags look better worn! Thanks for posting, I love the new colours, just looking at the pics makes me happy and think of Spring!
  11. The new slim style looks super cute, but we'll see when I get to try one on.

    Thanks for the pics!
  12. Oooo, the slim is NICE :tup:
  13. very nice, thanks for sharing!
  14. thanks for the pics!
  15. is that a STEP SAHARA GGH ??
    does anyone knows whther STEP will be released in GH ?