New 07 seagreen?

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  1. I was looking into pre-ordering the 07 spring seagreen and im hoping it's an olive green. balny has emailed me the color swatches, but it is so hard to make out the colors. to me, i think it looks like just a real light turqoise green, they also told me it's the closes thing to thier previous olive b-bags. Has anyone seen the new color swatches for spring o7 in person? and does anyone know if the new 07 seagreen has an olive undertone? :confused1:
  2. it's supposed to be a jade green...according to aloga rag
  3. seagreen doesn't look anything like olive to me, even in the swatches that are out there...


    i think seagreen is some variation of '04 seafoam with a slightly different tone..probably greener. but what do i know! i am on the list for this color, i can't wait to see it IRL.