New '07 Scarf on

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  1. I check just about every day... some times a couple times a day. Just saw today that they have the new fall scarf Carnets de Bal in four colorways. I really like it in the taupe with orange accents....


    EDIT: Oh, here's another one!: Projets Carrés

  2. I love it!
  3. thanks KG! i love the first one...have seen the second one in person and it's great too. there was one that looked like "embroidery" like cross stitch...i can't remember the name...but it was errrr, interesting...
  4. ^^I saw that cross stitch one in person too. It did not ring my bell, so busy. I was surprised because I usually fall at least a little in love with every scarf....that one remided me of lightbright! Thanks so much for posting these!!
  5. like the first scarf...
  6. that's exactly what my SA said!
  7. i love the first one. if only that color didn't make me look like death. love the taupe with orange. it looks nice in the dark blue too.

    that new red and white horse one is so pretty!