New 07 F/W Pine B Work bag

  1. Hi all! Want to share my joy in getting my very first GREEN BAG! And the size of this bag is just perfect to hold all my A4 size's papers and files.:woohoo:
    Picture 001.jpg
  2. congrats!
  3. Oh! Beautiful, love that deep green color :tup:
  4. Hey Congrats!! This is a great bag for work..
  5. Congrats, my favourite style of Bal. bags!!!! Simply gorgeous!!! Love the deep green.
  6. Pine is such a stunning colour! What's the leather like?
  7. thanks for posting your gorgeous pine. congrats!
  8. That pine is gorgeous! The distressing looks fabulous! Enjoy her!
  9. congrats!
  10. I love the color!

    Congrats, so festive looking! Hope your having a wonderful Christmas break!
  11. Look at that leather... I love the way it's hanging! cOngrats :tup:
  12. Wow, congrats ... great color!
  13. looks great!
  14. i love the colour! congrats!
  15. Love it!! Congrats, leather and color look fabulous. And I loooooooove Works. :love: