New 06' Pink Hobo

  1. So what does everyone think about this bag? Nm in Vegas has one and I am really thinking of purchasing it. This would be my first Balenciaga. Any opinions?

  2. i really really really like it
    i'm just afraid i would destroy it, because it's so light. does anyone else have this color and can give opinions?
  3. I LOVE the Day :heart: If the colour of the bag would work with most of your wardrobe and you really like it, then go for it and treat yourself :graucho:
  4. Well I just purchased the pink hobo & a cornflower Twiggy. Can't wait. Hopefully the pink won't get dirty. The sales lady said that she hasn't had anyone return or complain about the pink, so we will see. I am so excited!!:yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  5. Congrats to you! You picked two fabulous bags and colors!
  6. OH Congrats, please post pics, i want to see the rose hobo!